Here at Natali The Label, we love to make real clothes, for real women, for their real lives. Clothing that makes them feel beautiful, stylish and confident at special events, and in their every day lives. So, it only made sense to have real, beautiful, stylish and confident women modelling for Natali The Label, helping you to see how the bamboo pieces can work for your shape and style.
It gives us great pleasure to introduce our inaugural Natali The Label models, Jael, Alisha and Amanda. So why don’t you grab a cuppa, take a seat, and learn about what slow fashion means to them, their favourite sustainability hack, what they’ve got their eye on in the new bamboo women’s range, and some of their style icons and philosophies.

Meet multi-talented Jael.

Image shows a woman wearing a navy playsuit in one picture, and a maroon playsuit in another, made from bamboo - including her measurement stats for sizing help
HEIGHT: 182cm BUST: 104cm WAIST 87cm HIPS: 117cm 
Mum of 4 active kids, Canadian expat Jael had her hands full even before she started her vegan, toxin free hair and skin care line. Throw in a few clyde cross horses, sport coaching, and playing basketball and indoor soccer, and life can be a bit of a juggle, “I tend to fly by the seat of my pants most of the time and just go with the flow of things, but I am learning to say "No" and try and take time out for just myself and my family.”
Blake Lively is Jael’s fashion icon because she is a classic beauty, and she personally adores clothes that make her feel feminine and sexy. “Being curvy I look for comfort in everything I wear, but still like to feel as put together as possible without looking ‘frumpy’.”
“One of the most important things for me when searching for that favourite piece of clothing is how much care and love was put into making or designing it. My favourite Natali The Label piece is, to my utter surprise, the playsuit (Victoria Playsuit, coming soon). I had never worn a playsuit before as I never thought they would suit me, but the Natali The Label playsuit ticked every box on my list when looking for an outfit. I was pleasantly surprised at how incredible it made me look and feel!”

Meet self confessed Type-A, Alisha 

Image shows a woman wearing an aqua bamboo dress - including her measurement stats for sizing help
167cm BUST: 94cm WAIST: 77cm HIPS 99.5cm
Alisha knows that a memorable outfit can change your life. “The first time I spoke to my hubby,  I was 17 and wearing a cute little red singlet and jeans. If we were in a 90s movie, it would have been ‘She’s All That’, in the scene where Laney makes her way down the stairs in a red dress, to ‘Kiss Me’, towards Freddie Prince Jr. The red dress was my singlet, I even had the bob to match. It caught my now hubbies eye enough to fall in love with me after knowing me for only 3 days!  22 years later and 3 kids and we are still hot for each other.  The kids cringe when we tell them the story and hubby remembers the outfit too.  How’s that for impact with an outfit?!"
Having recently found her new style after the body changes that come with having 3 kids, Alisha believes that your unique inner qualities also connect to the outer features that make you beautiful, ‘Every woman expresses a unique quality of beauty that’s worth celebrating.’
‘Being a creative person, fashion is a major outlet for my creativity and personality.  Some days it serves as a source of confidence and others it just makes me feel positive and happy, like when I’m wearing a yellow shirt, who doesn’t feel happy in yellow.’ So with fashion and style being so intrinsically linked to creativity and happiness, what is Alisha’s favourite Natali The Label piece? “Definitely the Eleni dress in aqua and pink.  It goes with my type 1 style, and it can be dressed up or down according to the occasion.”

Meet the effervescent Amanda

Image shows a woman wearing navy wide leg bamboo pants, and a white and navy striped bamboo top, as well as her measurements.
HEIGHT: 170cm BUST: 107cm WAIST: 89cm HIPS: 120cm
If curve model Amanda isn’t busy on a shoot, you will likely find her doing something on the water – including helping in the family marine mechanic business. “When I have spare time, I love to swim at home or head next-door to the country club and move my body...whether it be in the gym, a yoga class, water aerobics or tennis followed by a spa and sauna. On the weekend it's all about boating, and being on the water with the family.”
“I love the way clothes make you feel. An amazing outfit has the ability to change your mood just like a good song can.” While Amanda doesn’t have a specific style icon, she does love to wear what makes her feel confident, comfortable, and something made from natural fibres, which makes her the perfect fit for Natali The Label. “My top outfit pick was the Alexa pant in navy with the Chloe top in navy and white stripe. So comfortable and soft and I felt very stylish and confident.”
A great outfit can really hold a place in your life stories. “I will always remember when my husband and I went out one night in Paris. We had no plans and we ended up having the most wonderful night, full of beautiful food and amazing company. Dancing the night away with the Royal French Guards who were letting their hair down that night. I was wearing black pants and a shimmery black top with a white boyfriend blazer over the top and I felt confidant and beautiful!”
Fast fashion – and why you should switch to an eco conscious wardrobe.
Natali The Label wasn’t only created with the intention to make women feel comfortable, stylish and beautiful, but to help support them in their endeavours to avoid fast fashion, and make eco-conscious wardrobe choices. We know that fashion plays a big part in our models lives, but what do they think of fast fashion vs slow fashion?
“The environmental impact of fast fashion, namely water pollution and consumption, pesticides and insecticides, high carbon footprint and the promulgation of a disposable mentality is just not worth buying an on-trend product.  I’m honoured to work with a brand that aims to reduce their environmental impact.  For every purchase made, 1 tree will be planted.”Alisha
“As a small business owner myself with both my hair and makeup business and my Hair and Skin care business, I understand the importance of supporting smaller businesses that take pride in what they do, and don't just pump out mass quantities to up sales. Ditching fast fashion not only supports small businesses in our communities, but also helps our local economy. And this is super important to me.”Jael
“When you really look into fast fashion it has no place in the world. The mistreatment of employment is inhumane. More and more people are becoming aware of what impact fast fashion has on our planet. It makes me feel optimistic for the next generation to have more understanding, and shop slow fashion for good.” - Amanda
Other than opting for a slow fashion wardrobe, what other sustainability hacks do our models swear by?
Amanda- “We are a massive fruit and veggie family. We go through a lot of fruit and veggies in a week and I love the fact I have changed to using sustainable bags when gathering our weekly haul.”
Jael“My favourite sustainability life hack is Reusable Bees Wax wraps and food coverings. I buy them from any small business that sells them as I love to support local small businesses! It is a win win for me!”
Alisha“ One of my favourite things to do with my girlfriends is to have what we call a B*tch and Switch.  We go through our clothes that we can’t fit or are sick of and bring them together to swap with each other.  We do this over champas and a cheese board and get to have a little catch-up.  Anything left over can be passed to friends who didn’t make it and the rest goes to the oppy.  Sometimes a dress may go full circle back to the owner, and we love seeing some of our most loved pieces styled in a different way on a friend.”

Fashion is general, style is individual. – Edna Woolman Chase 

We loved learning about our wonderful models, and think they look beautiful in our bamboo women's clothing. We can’t wait to show you more, and find out which bamboo piece is going to be your favourite!
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